Chair of Entrepreneurship

Master Studies

In the courses for master's students, there is a special focus on the development of basic entrepreneurial skills and the knowledge required in this regard in a digital world. The new core course here is

Digital Entrepreneurship

In the Master Seminar, students learn how to work scientifically based on empirical literature or empirical studies.

Please find further details of the Master offers and the specialization in Entrepreneurship here

Focus Area Entrepreneurship

To pass the focus area "Entrepreneurship" during the master studies at least one of the following courses needs to be passed successfully:

  • NEW, starting WS 21/22: Digital Entrepreneurship (6LP)
  • Not offered anymore: Principles of Entrepreneurship Lecture (3LP)
  • Not offered anymore: Entrepreneurship Exercise (3LP)
  • Not offered anymore: Business Planning (6LP)
  • Not offered anymore: Business-Developing (6LP)

Credits already earned in the courses of the focus area that are no longer offered can still be counted.

Overview Focus Area Offers

Digital Entrepreneurshipstarting  WS 21/2246Chair of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Marketing**WS3+16PD Dr. Georg Fassott
Gründungsmarketing**WS23PD Dr. Georg Fassott
Founding ProjectSS23PD Dr. Georg Fassott
PatentrechtWS23Prof. Dr. Michael Hassemer
SeminarWS/SS24Chair of Entrepreneurship

**Please note: In order to achieve the required 22 points for the focus area, students of BWL and BWLtQ currently have to take Entrepreneurial Marketing (6LP). An additional credit of Gründungsmarketing (3LP) is not possible.

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